Going through a nasty divorce is bad enough. What’s worse? When the agreement is not honored!

To Marvia 2 things were clear:
1. She needed to do something about it
2. She was not going back to her original divorce attorney

How did you first learn about Jeannette?

“I was referred by a friend – someone who worked with another attorney referred Jeannette to me.

Jeannette over delivered. She was very caring, took the time to really listen”. Ms. Watkin carefully explained what her options were.

“Jeannette told me that she could have my original case re-opened to get my TRUE fair share”.

“Ms Watkin explained everything carefully and made sure I understood. I had no question about hiring her.” Understanding her legal options helped to make an informed decision. She felt very comfortable hiring someone so confident. “It was very reassuring”. Ms Watkin not only accomplished reinforcing the original agreement but improved on it.

How many attorney’s did you meet with prior to choosing Jeannette?

None. “I felt comfortable and confident with Jeannette”.

Tell us one thing that impressed you about how Ms. Watkin handled your case.

“She was almost always available when I called. If she was not, Jeannette would let me know what time she could talk and always return my calls.

Ms. Watkin was very accountable with the process. She would inform me every step of the way and made sure I understood what the documents meant before they were filed”.

Ms. Shim-Price went onto say “I also appreciated that on the first week of every month Ms Watkin would send me a detailed statement of the work done on my behalf”.

She found her very knowledgeable, professional and patient. A good listener.

What was one thing that surprised you about Jeannette?

[She Chuckled.] After her experience with her first divorce attorney she wasn’t expected too much. “Lawyers are often hard to get a hold after being hired. Jeannette’s availability was very refreshing”.

Is there any advice you would give to someone who is considering divorce?

“Just that they need to see Jeannette Watkin. She does not leave you wondering. She makes sure you understand. She asks you if you understand and if not she takes the time to explain it until you do.”

What is karma telling you? Start a conversation with Jeannette Watkin today. (786) 272-6360.