Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the legal guardian of a child born out of wedlock?2019-03-13T14:00:37-04:00

The mother of a child born out of wedlock is the guardian of the child. The birth certificate does not establish maternity.

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Can I modify my parenting plan and time sharing agreement?2019-03-13T13:48:39-04:00

In order to modify a parenting plan and a time sharing agreement, the moving party, or the party wanting the change the agreement, has the burden of proving the “substantial change in circumstances”. A substantial change in circumstances is not met when there are disagreements between the parties or a less than cordial relationship.

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Am I responsible for my spouse’s liabilities?2019-03-13T13:52:04-04:00

Yes. Until you file you are equally responsible for your spouse’s liabilities.

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